Vitamin D And Erectile Dysfunction

Vitamin D does not directly cure erectile dysfunction, instead, it helps in reducing the symptoms of it by improving the underlying cause that is contributing to erectile difficulties in men. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is not a condition itself, rather it is a symptom of some chronic health conditions such as heart disease, cardiovascular disorder, or atherosclerosis. Vitamin D can be beneficial in alleviating these health conditions and lessening the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.    

Such chronic health conditions majorly affect vascular functioning. The blood vessels tend to lose elasticity and become hard due to constriction. This constriction hinders the flow of blood through the vascular passages. Thereby leading to vascular dysfunction. As the erectile response is highly dependent on vascular function, any problem with the latter impacts the former.  

Why is vitamin D necessary?

Vitamin D, also known as calciferol, is an essential nutrient, which offers a myriad of health benefits. Having this vitamin in sufficient amounts in the body aids in the growth and development of bone tissues by supporting the body with the absorption of calcium. This vitamin conducts the function of healthy mineralization of bones. Those with vitamin D deficiency are susceptible to the risk of rickets. And low bone density which can cause osteoporosis and weak bones that are prone to fracture.        

Also, individuals with a deficiency of this vitamin are likely to experience endothelial dysfunction which forms the innermost layer or walls of the blood vessels. It can contribute to the buildup of plaque in the passages of the blood vessels of the penile, thereby hindering the flow of blood to the penile. Lack of blood in the reproductive organs in males can deteriorate their sexual function, by giving rise to erection difficulties. But these sexual problems, specifically erectile dysfunction, can be managed with the help of ED medications like Fildena. These medications are sildenafil generics infused with sildenafil as their active ingredient which is responsible for increasing the blood flow to the penile blood vessels and improving erection function.     

In addition, now that you know the importance of vitamin D. You can consume certain foods that are rich sources of this vitamin. Food such as liver, egg yolks, oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, salmon, or herring, and fortified cereals are excellent sources of this vitamin. Moreover, sunlight is the source of vitamin D, as it helps in metabolizing the nutrients in the body. Your body creates this vitamin from direct exposure to the sun. So, let your skin get exposed to sunlight for a few minutes every day.   

Cause of erectile dysfunction

The primary reason for erectile dysfunction is the lack of blood flow to the penile. Which deprives the blood vessels in the penile of adequate nutrients for their healthy function. This lack of blood circulation results due to the constriction or narrowing of the passages of blood vessels. Nitric oxide is a chemical that is released by the cells present in the walls of penile blood vessels, which ensures a healthy erectile response, but the lack of blood flow hinders its release, and this is the reason why men experience erection difficulties.  

In general, Vasoconstriction in the penile can be a symptom of some health condition that affects vascular functioning. Health conditions that can cause damage to the vascular system are heart disease, cardiovascular dysfunction, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and peyronie’s disease. If an individual undergoes surgery or suffers an injury, their risk factor of erectile dysfunction increases.

How does vitamin D deficiency cause erectile dysfunction?

It is beneficial for preventing the damage caused because of oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress stems from the imbalances of antioxidants and free radical molecules in the body. These imbalances and free radical attacks can contribute to cellular and tissue damage, which ultimately impacts the function of organs.

Oxidative stress can affect the functioning of the vascular system, leading to disorders related to blood vessels. This can lead to the progression of erectile dysfunction problems in men. Moreover, Vitamin D is a membrane antioxidant that helps in balancing the free radicals by providing them with electrons and thereby preventing the attack on cells and tissues. It is also responsible for boosting the production of testosterone in the body. Which is a primary sex hormone in males. Thus, vitamin D improves the erection function and helps attain arousal.  

The lowdown

Vitamin D deprivation in the body can give rise to many health issues including loss of bone density, weak bones, chronic health conditions, and sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. There must be adequate levels of this nutrient in the body. There are many foods that are laden with this nutrient and incorporating them in a regular diet can increase vitamin D levels in the body. Also, sunlight exposure boosts the synthesis of this nutrient, so expose yourself to the sun for a few minutes every day.    

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