What Is The Best Way To Handle Erectile Dysfunction In A Relationship

Sexual intimacy is an important part of a romantic relationship, and it strengthens your connection with your counterpart. Sex is a form of mild to moderate-intensity exercise that gets your heart pumping. It is not only beneficial from a physiological health perspective, as it is an excellent stress buster too, which enhances your mental well-being.

Couples with active sex lives share a happy and fulfilling bond. The reason for their happiness is the release of feel-good hormones, that happens during sex. However, individuals with sexual difficulties like erectile dysfunction feel deprived of intimate pleasure. Lack of intimacy might cause an imbalance in their physical and mental health. In the face of sexual difficulties, the couple must efficiently manage these challenges.

There are many ways by which you can deal with sexual difficulties in your relationship. Let us have a look at them:

  • Get to know the root cause of erectile dysfunction

First things first, you are not the only person that is experiencing erectile dysfunction. Many men across the world face the same problem as you. It is quite common among males, regardless of age. But the reason for their erection problems may differ from another. Such difficulties can stem from a chronic health condition or accidental injuries.

The cause of impotence in younger men is mostly psychogenic or psychological. The stressful lifestyle, which requires one to always remain competitive, causes one to feel unsafe. This insecurity can peak their anxiety levels. As a result, many men experience performance anxiety during sex, which affects their ability to get erections.  

Physiological factors that lead to erectile dysfunction can be dealt with by getting appropriate treatment. Only then the symptoms of erectile dysfunction will subside. When it comes to psychological factors like stress and anxiety, one can find many ways on attaining mental calmness. One effective way is meditation and mindful deep breathing exercises. 

  • Have a conversation with your partner.

Now that you have gathered all the information on erectile dysfunction, you are good to go. You must find the right time to have an open conversation with your partner. You may initially hesitate a bit but talking it out will certainly benefit your relationship. It does not matter whether you are the one experiencing erectile dysfunction, or it is your partner that is facing these difficulties, letting it be known to your partner how much you value your relationship, despite challenges, will communicate your concern. Together you can find some effective ways that will help you manage your sexual difficulties, as only a couple knows what works best for them both. 

  • Try oral medications

Several methods can be used in improving the erection function. Some of them include vacuum pumps or penile pumps, herbal supplements, constriction rings (C-rings), surgical implants, etc. The supplements might not produce the desired results as they lack pharmaceutical backing, also they may contain some hidden ingredients that can be harmful to your health. Whereas, other methods involving penile pumps, C-rings, and penile implants can cause permanent damage to the penile.

Although ED medicines are not completely safe, they do come with some side effects in the mild category. You can make use of FDA-approved medicines that contain Sildenafil, Tadalafil, or Vardenafil as the key ingredients. The generic versions of these medications may produce the same effects, but they come at much more affordable prices. Medicines like Fildena can be the best therapy for impotence issues. You may ask your doctor to suggest you an appropriate dose suitable to your condition.

  • Incorporate healthy lifestyle habits.

Cultivating healthy lifestyle habits will help enhance your quality of life. It all begins with a clean diet, that offers your body adequate nutrition. When you feel healthy and fit you encourage your partner to level up and do the same. A healthy diet can be beneficial for alleviating erection problems. It does not directly do so. Diet improves your physical health by supplying proper nutrition. As your health conditions improve, so does your sexual function.

In addition, physical activity also plays an important role in your health and well-being. You can engage in exercises together. In that way, you can motivate each other to have a better workout. Performing some specific exercises that target reproductive health can enhance your sexual well-being. You both can try doing Kegel exercises, which increase circulation around the reproductive organs and improves sexual function.

Furthermore, it is time to give up on the habit of smoking. Its nicotine content might offer you some pleasure and help you manage stress for some time, but the toxic substances present in the smoke can have harmful effects on your sexual function.  

Last Word

All these methods listed above are essential for maintaining a deeper level of understanding in a relationship. Although treatment methods like ED medicines can be great for fixing erection difficulties in no time, still there needs to be discipline and dedication in improving your lifestyle which is essential for the health of your relationship. Adopting some lifestyle changes early on can help you to ward off the risk of health problems, whether physical or mental, that too during its initial stage. These issues tend to affect your intimate life which is why you two must take prior steps toward improving them.

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