The 5 worst things to happen when your partner has erectile dysfunction problem

Experiencing problems in sex life can be extremely daunting for men. The inability to lead a satisfactory intimate life can diminish their self-confidence which can cause them to completely withdraw and not talk about their sexual difficulties with their partners. As a partner, one must be open to understanding the problems that arise when the male suffers from erectile dysfunction. They might be already ashamed of their inability to share an intimate experience with you, burdening them with the expectations or making them feel lesser and even more insecure about their condition can leave them discouraged.

Instead of regretting the situation, you can find ways to fix these issues. But first, let us have a look at the top 5 difficulties you both might face when your partner is experiencing erectile dysfunction or impotence issues.  

  • Disrupted intimate life  

The difficulty to get erections or sustain them can impact your intimate experience and you both might even avoid sexual interactions. Intimacy plays a crucial role in a relationship. Not being able to express your sexual desires can affect your sexual health altogether. What you both need to be aware of is a condition like erectile dysfunction is quite common in males, regardless of their age.

Males around the age of 50 often experience such difficulties owing to some underlying physiological problems. In younger males, the cause of such troubles is mostly due to psychological factors like day-to-day stress, anxiety, fear, or other problems. However, it can also be an indication of the early stages of heart disease which begins with the dysfunction of the vascular system.  

You can prevent erection difficulties from worsening, by treating these underlying conditions. Taking the necessary measures to improve your intimate life can lower the chance of chronic erectile dysfunction.

  • Stress

Impotence strips off the male confidence, which adds to their stress. This stress can affect other areas of their life. Constant stress can manifest into anxiety, which has negative consequences on everything men do. Sexual weakness makes men feel less masculine, that is where the mental disturbances begin. Not only the male but their partner as well experience mental health issues to some extent. You both might experience anxiety and stress due to the weakening of the emotional connection that sexual intimacy offers.

  • Distorted self-image

Impotence issues make a male feel less of a man. This belief is linked to the stigma that men should be and act a certain way. Lack of sexual vitality attacks their esteem by lowering their sexual confidence. Such men majorly struggle with esteem issues. They may try to take out the frustration on other people, or even express it to their partner, which can result in a deal-breaker situation.

  • Difficulties with conception

Erectile dysfunction is not linked to fertility issues. It makes the process of fertilization difficult. Since the male is unable to get an erection or sustain it, he might not get sexual satisfaction, which hinders ejaculation. Impotence prevents ejaculation. For conception, the sperm needs to be ejaculated inside the female body, that is when it meets the ovum and as a result, the ovum gets fertilized to produce the baby. However, the failure to attain erections eliminates the possibilities of ejaculation, and hence conception.

  • A troubled relationship with the partner

Due to constant stress and embarrassment, men may withdraw from their partners. They might distance themselves and behave aloof.  Sexual impotency can intimidate them which is why they may go silent. Their partner might mistake this behavior for a lack of interest in a relationship. As the gap between the couple increases, commitment gets weak. This can lead to conflicts and separation ultimately.  

Have open communication with your partner

There is a necessity to get things clear with your partner. Rather than worrying about your dwindling intimate life, you both must look for remedial solutions by having an open conversation and working together. Keeping shut is the root cause of many problems. You should politely ask your partner.

They might not feel comfortable talking and even try to avoid the conversation but assure them that there is nothing to worry about, as they are not alone. Many men suffer due to sexual dysfunction, and it is quite common.

You can offer them company to the doctor or urologist. If the condition is severe then there might be some underlying cause that needs to be addressed first to alleviate erectile dysfunction symptoms. Your support might ease things for them.

Try Treatment Methods

The best remedy for treating erectile dysfunction is medications like Filagra which work faster and more efficiently. There are indeed several other techniques available for treating erection function, but medications act almost immediately, and they do not cause any bruises or injuries to the penile, unlike other techniques. Some other techniques include penile or vacuum pumps, c-rings, and surgical implants.

There is an availability of a range of generic medicines that come in different doses for matching the tolerance level and some of them are also composed in forms such as chewable tablets, sublingual tablets, and jelly forms for easy consumption.  

The Lowdown

Erectile dysfunction can be a challenging situation for both. It can give rise to some potential issues like stress, anxiety, hindrance in continuing intimate life, low self-esteem, trouble getting the partner pregnant, and relationship struggles. It is quite obvious to face these problems in case of impotence, but still, there are some remedies that you can make use of. You can consult your healthcare provider for guidance on this matter.  

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