how to use a penis ring

How to Use a Penis Ring

The penis ring or the cock rings are rings that go around your penile and/or scrotum. They slow the blood flow out of an erect penile and can at the same time help make erections hard and firm. Some of them may also have little vibrators to enhance the pleasure for you & your partner.

Cock rings are said to be known as penile rings, tension rings, & also constriction rings. They may also be marketed as erectile dysfunction (ED) rings, but many people without this condition may want to use them too.

There are many different kinds:

Soft & stretchy rings are the most common and cheapest rings available. They are circles of a soft material, usually silicone. They’re easy to be used and can be easily removed. It may take some trial & error to figure out the perfect fit.

Adjustable cock rings use lasso adjusters, velcro, or fasteners to allow the wearer to adjust the fit as required.

Vibrating cock rings have a small vibrator attached. The sensation may be good for any man, but these are designed to stimulate a woman’s clitoris during the time of the sexual process.

Solid cock rings are only for use by experienced users. Even then, you may want to avoid using them. There is a danger of penile strangulation with metal cock rings that fit badly, get stuck, or are left on for a long time.

Why People Like Them

Moreover, Cock rings make sex very much more intense & help them to stay last longer. Some benefits include:

  • delayed and intense orgasm
  • Enhanced confidence in your penile erection & overall sexual performance
  • Help you to keep an erection
  • Added sensation for you along with your partner

Myths About Cock Rings

There are a few common misconceptions about the cock rings:

They’re Only for Older Men with ED

Not at all. People with no medical problems use the cock rings. They may want the erection to stay longer, enhance the sensitivity, or add a new element like vibration or texture for their beloved partner.

They Can Be Used as Contraception: Cock rings cannot help you avoid any pregnancy in any way.


When you use them in the right manner, cock rings should not cause you pain at all. The new sensation may take some getting used to, but if that hurts you, remove the ring immediately. It may be a symptom of something or simply an indication that you require a different size or style of ring.

How to Try Cock Rings Safely

Pick a friendly ring, that is soft and stretchy, and which is easy to remove. Use the least constrictive size that stays on and helps sustain your penile erection.

The psychologist & the sex expert suggests putting the ring on while the penile is flaccid or only semi-erect. Make sure to use the lubricant to make it simple to slide the ring, and then continue stimulating the penile area until it’s erect. If you want to wear your penis ring over the testicles, Hall recommends sliding them in one at a time. Make sure the fit should be snug but not uncomfortable.

For Erectile Dysfunction

The right and the perfect way to use a cock ring to help with ED will depend on your certain problem. If you can gain an erection but have trouble maintaining it, you can try the cock ring. If you struggle to get erect, you may want to use the cock ring with a penile pump.

Post-pulling blood into your penile area with the pump, slip your ring around the base of your penile area before you totally remove the pump. The erection should stay long enough for sexual intercourse.

Safety Measures

Because cock rings restrict the flow of blood to your penile area, it’s essential not to wear one for rings longer than 20 minutes. Begin it by wearing it for just 5 minutes to give yourself time to get used to the entire feeling. If you feel uncomfortable, take it off right away.

If you’re using the cock ring as a sex aid for ED, ensure that you’ve discussed with a doctor your ongoing symptoms. Several health factors can cause ED or make it worse, including heart disorders, diabetes, alcohol issues, and mental health problems. It’s essential to gain help for these types of conditions and not use a sex toy to mask symptoms.

Make sure to consult a doctor before you use this if you are on blood-thinning medicines or have any kind of bleeding disorder. Do not fall asleep when you use the ring and don’t use it while you’re impaired by drugs or even by alcohol. It could result in potential injury. Allow at least an hour between the uses.

Care and Cleaning

Remember that sex toys can transmit STIs. You may also risk some other kinds of infection if you don’t clean it. For many of the toys, water and a block of mild dish soap or hand soap should do the magic. If your device vibrates or uses power, you may not want to submerge it in water, but confirm that you get it clean with soap or a damp cloth. For more details, refer to the directions on your toy’s label.

Safety Tips while using a cock ring:

Here few of the cock ring tips to help you gain the most out of the sexual aids without an embarrassing trip to the ER.

  • If you’re using a cock ring for poor erection, make sure to speak with your healthcare provider at first to rule out underlying medical conditions.
  • Don’t wear a cock ring if you have a bleeding issue or a blood condition like sickle cell anemia.
  • Make sure not to wear a cock ring for more than 20 minutes.
  • Make sure to use lots of lubes if you’ll be engaging in butt play.
  • Use a bit of lube to make the ring very simple to get on & off at the same time.
  • Unless you’re using a cock ring that is flexible, you’ll need to get the right size so it does its job without reducing blood circulation.
  • Avoid rings made of materials you may be allergic to like any certain metals or latex.
  • Wash the cock rings and the sex toys post every use to get rid of bacteria and avoid the risk of STI.

Take it off if you feel uncomfortable or suffer from pain, or notice any kind of bruising.

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